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Explore another world in another time. Journey south to historic Plimoth Plantation where you will become part of the Pilgrim's 17th century world. In this living museum, accompany Pilgrims as they go about their daily tasks - talk with them, ask about their lives and what it was like to come to this foreign place and build their future.

Objects from the museum's collection are displayed in the Exhibit Gallery and an audio-visual presentation will give you a broad overview of 1620 Plimoth Plantation.

From there we’ll travel to the waterfront area and board the Mayflower II. The Mayflower II is a full-scale reproduction of the vessel that carried the Pilgrims to this land. The ship has been carefully recreated to give you the sense of what the original 17th-century voyage was like.

Time is provided to explore on your own at the waterfront area. You will have the opportunity to view the Plymouth Rock or climb Cole's Hill.

Highlights Include:
Admission to Plimoth Plantation
Admission to Mayflower II
Free time to explore.


  • Hours of Operation: Departs Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9:30AM
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Hotel pickup is available for select hotels.
  • Handicap Accessible: We can accommodate persons in wheelchairs with a
    minimum of 72 hours notice. Please be aware that our lifts are NOT equipped to
    take scooters or heavy motorized wheelchairs.

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