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Los Angeles Activities

Most visitors who tour Los Angeles head straight for the main attractions. The downside is that so many miss out on the wonderfully rich culture and street life happening in East LA.

Join us as we veer slightly off the beaten track with our exciting tour. Start the day with coffee and a piece of the finest tres leches cake in all of East LA. Next it's off to discover the most amazing freshly hand-made Tamales. Then head to the bustling Mercadito for more tastings before exploring a real-deal Tortilla factory to try all kinds of salsa/guacamole dips and delicacies. Then hop on the Metro Gold Line for a short train ride to Mariachi Plaza for a sumptuous lunch of mouth-watering Goat and Pupusa. Polish all this unbelievable food off with fabulous iced Mexican Chocolate and bakery fresh pan dulce.

All of these glorious foods are prepared from time-honored family recipes and served with the true warmth and hospitality we've come to associate with Latin Culture. For visitors and natives alike, there's a whole other side of LA just waiting to be discovered, so join us on our East LA Latin Flavors food tour.

On this tour, you will:
Visit LA's first tortilla factory
Taste time-honored family recipes
Visit a nationally-renowned tamale restaurant
Visit LA's first birrieria
Hear stories of courageous spirit, community, and family loyalty from local merchants
Visit a health-conscious pupuseria
Visit a modest family bakery known for their famous Tres Leches Cake
The tour centers around Boyle Heights, with well-deserved focus on Mariachi Plaza, the grand centerpiece of the neighborhood. Palates are pleased beyond measure to enjoy a unique medley of fresh, amazing Latin flavors that have graced family tables for generations. Starting with the first tasting, guests are treated to traditional handmade foods, some of which originated south of our border over 100 years ago! Foods tasted may be typically expected, yet are extraordinarily prepared. The tour concludes back at our original starting point. The food samples served are filling enough so that for most people lunch afterward is not necessary.


  • Tour departs from Indiana Metro Gold Line Station in Los Angeles, CA
  • Tour departs at9:00AM on Saturday
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Handicap Accessible: Yes
  • This is a walking tour. Please wear comfortable shoes.
  • Transportation to the tour is not included. Free parking is available at the parking lot of the Metro Gold Line station where the tour beings.
  • What if I have dietary restrictions?
    Please let us know if anyone in your group has a dietary restriction (i.e., vegetarian, nut allergy, etc.) when you purchase your tickets. As long as we know far enough in advance, we can usually accommodate your needs. If we do not find out about the dietary restriction until the morning of the tour, however, it is not possible for us to adjust in time to accommodate special requests.

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