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Colonial Williamsburg Single Day Ticket (Adult 13+ years)

Step back in time to experience the ideas and dreams of both great and everyday people on the eve of the American Revolution. The process of defining our country's values and beliefs started in Williamsburg more than 200 years ago, and it continues to this day.

In the 301 acres and more than 500 restored and reconstructed buildings of Colonial Williamsburg, you'll discover people representing actual citizens from 18th century Williamsburg. You'll find them greeting guests at their taverns, stoking the fire outside a tenant house or judging the accused in the courts.

You'll hear them discussing British taxes, religious freedom and the alarming notion of separating - forever - from the mother country. Colonial Williamsburg is a living, working city. Skilled craftsmen create items like saddles, garments and cartwheels for the use of other Colonial Williamsburg tradespeople and citizens; people actually live in the homes you'll pass by, and real commerce takes place within the town's many shops and taverns.

Visitors with wheelchairs will find the streets, most gardens, rest rooms, and outdoor activities in the Historic Area easily accessible. While portable ramps and wheelchair lifts are available at selected exhibitions, many of the buildings require at least a few steps. Colonial Williamsburg operates a bus system connecting the Visitor Center, the Historic Area, hotels, restaurants and the Merchants Square shopping area. Several of the buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts. An admission ticket is required to use the bus system.


  • Hours of Operation: Daily from 9:00AM - 5:00PM
  • Handicap Accessible: Yes
  • Pass is good for 1 day

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Valid Dates: Year Round

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