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Mt. Rainier Hike & Yakima Valley Wine with Lunch

Mt. Rainier looms large in the hearts of Northwestern residents. On a clear day the beautiful, hulking monolith can be seen from just about anywhere. At the height of summer, lucky travelers and locals alike make a pilgrrimage to her flower-flanked trails for the kind of relaxation, fresh air, and peace that only comes with a walk in a quiet, magnificently wild place. We’ll set out on foot for an easy 3.5 mile loop to really experience Mt. Rainier National Park’s magic.

There’s really only one way to follow up that type of transcendental human experience…wine tasting. There’s no better place than Washington State’s steadily ascending wine region, the Yakima Valley. Euro-American settlers brought wine grapes to the state in the mid-1800’s; Washington’s residents have worked hard on their wines ever since. Today, a new winery opens every 15 days! We partner with wineries that paint a beautiful picture of this rich heritage; we’ll visit two excellent winemakers east of the tallest mountain in Washington!

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